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Top Twist-Filled Books for Verity Fans!

A Little Bit of Karma: An evocative and steamy romance. The secrets and lies that exist within a seemingly perfect marriage.

In a Dark, Dark Wood: Looking for even more literary suspense? Ruth Ware has you covered. And the debut novel that started her illustrious career.

Lying in Wait: Lydia Fitzsimons’s life seems perfect. Her husband, Andrew, is a well-respected judge.

Tell Me Lies: If VERITY taught us anything, it is that desire can be a dangerous thing. It’s also true in Carola Lovering’s TELL ME LIES.

Ten Tiny Breaths: Speaking of propulsive plot twists: K.A. Tucker’s TEN TINY BREATHS, like VERITY.

The End of Getting Lost: For those who enjoyed slowly unraveling the dark secrets in VERITY, Robin Kirman’s THE END OF GETTING LOST.

The House: If there is one author who is consistently compared to Colleen Hoover, it’s Christina Lauren.

The Writing Retreat: Just as VERITY features the story of Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer willing to do whatever it takes to save her career.

Verity: This is without a doubt, one of the darkest and most unsettling books I’ve ever read.



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