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Top Stephen King Books for Every Kind of Reader!

11/22/63: English teacher Jake Epping’s life changes forever the day his friend Al tells him that the storeroom in Al’s diner is a portal back to 1958.

Bag of Bones: Four years after the death of his wife, novelist Mike Noonan is plagued by grief, writer’s block.

Joyland: One of my very favorite novels, this tender coming-of-age story follows college student Devin Jones.

Mr. Mercedes: If you find yourself binge watching cop shows, you’ll love this pulse-pounding thriller.

On Writing: In this inspiring combination memoir and master class on writing, King shares advice on craft and offers a glimpse into the life experiences.

The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger The basis for the recent film adaption, the first book in King’s epic Dark Tower series is a genre-busting fantasy Western.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland gets tired of the drama on her family hiking trip.

The Running Man: In near-future dystopian America, Ben Richards desperately needs money, so he signs up for The Running Man.



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