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Top Rated Cities in England !

Birmingham, West Midlands: Though not as large as London, Birmingham, the country’s second largest urban area, is big.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: Like its collegial cousin to the west, Oxford, the city of Cambridge makes for a wonderful excursion for those staying in London thanks to its being less than an hour away by rail.

Dover, Kent: Few places in the world can boast the kind of views that the Kentish town of Dover can.

Hastings, East Sussex: Hastings in East Sussex is another coastal town that has played an important role in English history.

Manchester, Greater Manchester: If you’re looking to concentrate your travels in northern England, or perhaps even venture west into Wales, the former industrial city of Manchester is a great place to kick off your adventure.

Nottingham: Think of Nottingham in England, and you’ll no doubt conjure up childhood memories of that Hollywood staple, Robin Hood.

Winchester, Hampshire: As the county town of Hampshire and England’s capital city up until the late 1200s, Winchester has much to offer visitors looking for fun things to do.



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