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Top Gorgeous Places To Visit In Norway !

Briksdalsbreen: This is part of a larger glacier but is one of the most accessible.

Bryggen, Bergen: This UNESCO World Heritage site is a wharf which has a long history.

Flam Railway: Okay, this isn’t as much a place as it is a thing to do but this train.

Geirangerfjord: is absolutely amazing! Norway is known for it’s FJords.

Lofoten: This archipelago (collection of islands) is one heck of a gorgeous area of Norway to visit.

Naeroyfjord: This is also another great Fjord to visit in Norway and is also a UNESCO.

Sognsvann: This lake is the picture of tranquillity.

Tromso: Based in the Arctic Circle, Tromso one of the highest cities in Europe and an amazing place to explore.



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