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Top Fjords You HAVE To Visit In Norway !

Aurlandsfjord: This is another arm of the Sognefjord and is the first part of the collections of fjords you’ll see in Flam.

Geirangerfjord: This spectacular Fjord is also a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its absolutely spectacular beauty.

Hardangerfjord: If you want to appeal to the thrill-seeker in you, then the best place to see Hardangerfjord.

Hjørundfjord: This is considered by many as one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway.

Lysefjord: The best view for the Lysefjord is a hike up to Pulpit Rock which is quite doable and rewarding.

Nærøyfjord: This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one you’ll that you’ll quick.

Nordfjord: This tranquil fjord is the 6th longest in Norway and is also great to visit for the skiing.

Sognefjord: This is the longest fjord in Norway and one of the most impressive.



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