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Top 7 Fun Cities In The US To Visit!

New York City: NYC has to be one of the most fun cities in the US to visit! After all, a global city like the Big Apple has literally everything you could ever want (or find).

Dallas: Think Dallas, and you automatically think of beer, cowboys and cheerleaders (well, for me at least).

Burlington : Burlington, in Vermont, is famously known for being home to a whole host of breweries. This alone makes it one of the fun cities in the US to visit; providing you’re of legal age and love a good beer.

Miami: Look, Miami isn’t just about Spring Break partying or drinking until the wee hours.

Las Vegas: It’s funny, Las Vegas seems to be either loved or loathed. It’s one of those cities that can divide opinion quite easily.

Portland: Portland, to me, feels really creative and one of the more fun cities in the US to visit.

Pensacola: The city and shoreline definitely worth a visit if you’re travelling between Florida and New Orleans (like we did) on your American road trip.



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