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Top 5 Dream Jobs

Music Star

Actually it’s not all fun being a music star. Of course it’s fun doing what you love and getting recognition for it but… nowadays it’s a little shady. Bands and groups such as Fifth Harmony and BTS have said and shown proof that a lot of stars are pushed to the limit or as they called it “slavery”. If you don’t believe me, I would watch Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy theory about it which actually gave a lot of evidence and clips that really keep you off the edge of your seat.


Imagine me in a shiny gold gown with heavy diamond earring hanging from my ears… Walking down the red carper in Louis Vuitton and Givenchy Paris or Balmain… Saying hi to all the famous acting legends like Meryl Streep or Natalie Portman or Viola Davis… sitting in the red cushion seats and watching peoples emotional speeches about all that they have done. Then BOOM my name gets called… Imagine me walking like Audrey Hepburn up the stage to my beaming awards show host and receiving my shining award…

Pro Athlete

This would mean suddenly I have the health and ability to really do what we secretly dream of. Running without getting tired in the fresh air and sunshine. Smacking a ball or diving into a pool just feeling the success and freedom. Having the body and winning attitude of a pro-athlete. There are so many sports to choose from Olympic swimming, rock climbing, running, softball, martial arts,

Jet Pilot

A civilian airline pilot is hands down one of the greatest jobs ever founded… Nothing beats leaving your house at twelve in the afternoon and being in a different country just a few hours later… It has its downsides. There are mornings where you have early flights and so have to get up at uncomfortable times and sometimes flight hours are long but it’s still a thrill and a gift to do.

CEO of Whatever You Created

I am just a girl who is trying to write a comment before my computer instructor walks in and it will be awesome to be a CEO… And blossom to write it before he walks in…

Video Game Tester

When they say video game tester, they really mean you sit there for hours with an old fashioned computer and create the game. Not with an H.D.T.V. and just playing it.



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