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Top 15 What a Ball Cool facts about ‘I Love Lucy’!

Original plot: Originally, producers wanted the plot to mirror the real lives of Lucille Ball.

First female CEO: Ball became the first woman to run a production company.

‘Star Trek: The board of directors of Desilu Productions voted against filming.

Larry Lopez: The producers had originally named Desi Arnaz’s character.

The Lopezes: That means Lucy and Ricky were almost the Lopezes.

Salem witch trials: Ball is reportedly a descendant of one of the people accused.

Defying ageism: I Love Lucy’ celebrated a lot of firsts. It was the first show to cast.

Promoting equality: I Love Lucy is also one of the first TV shows.

Interracial: The sitcom was also the first to show an interracial couple.

Pregnancy: I Love Lucy’ was also the first to star a pregnant woman.

A minister: Every episode that showed a pregnant Lucy had to be reviewed.

Ball didn’t like one: Lucy Does a TV Commercial’ has been voted by fans as one of the best episodes.

Women in Film Crystal Award: In 1977, Ball became one of the first women to win the award.

Ball was briefly: She briefly associated with the party in 1936, which caused.

Reruns are invented: Desi Arnaz is credited with inventing “reruns” because.



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