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Top 15 Reality TV secrets that producers won’t tell you!

It’s not really…real: While there’s no script, there are still writers behind wildly popular reality shows.

It doesn’t pay very well: Producers try to get as much talent as possible with the least amount of money.

There’s a lot of redos: On ‘Biggest Loser,’ the contestants have to walk.

TV magic at its best/worst: Different clips are often edited together to sound like

Telltale sign of frankenbiting: If you see someone talking and then the camera.

Producers have more power than judges: In most competition shows, a clause in the contract

So if you’re confused about how that one contestant remained: While the judges usually make the picks, producers can step.

They bend time: Reality shows often lie about the amount of time it took to complete a job.

Reality TV loves weaknesses: If you ever want to apply to be on a reality show, highlight.

Celebrities love scheming: When there are celebrity versions of a reality show, the players are reportedly.

Nothing is off limits: Big shows do an extensive background check on all prospective stars.

Real” is relative: Not all reality shows are the same, and some are heavily staged.

It’s never a coincidence: If someone shows up unexpectedly to an event, or an accident happens.

Cast members will alter their personalities: If a sweet, gentle soul is cast by a producer.



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