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Top 15 Musicians who’ve been in multiple successful bands!

Dave Grohl: Dave Grohl is one of the most accomplished musicians in rock history.

Josh Homme: The man who put stoner rock on the (mainstream) map, started his career.

Damon Albarn: One of the most emblematic figures of Brit Pop, Damon Albarn.

Chris Cornell: For many years, Chris Cornell was the front man of Soundgarden.

Matt Cameron: Matt Cameron’s roots can be traced back to Soundgarden

Tom Morello: Best known as the guitarist, bass player, and drummer of Rage Against.

David Coverdale: Not many singers can boast about fronting two of the greatest rock.

Paul McCartney: Sir Paul McCartney needs no introduction—the bass player, singer.

Dave Mustaine: Dave Mustaine is the only musician in the world who can claim.

Eric Clapton: An acclaimed guitarist and songwriter, Eric Clapton played in two.

Jimmy Page: The iconic guitarist is best known for being the axman of Led Zeppelin.

Jack White: Most of us associate Jack White with The White Stripes. But the singer.

Kim Deal: Kim Deal is best known as the bassist, co-vocalist, and founding member.

Zakk Wylde: Guitarist Zakk Wylde made a name for himself playing with Ozzy Osbourne In 1998.

Slash: Slash earned his rock ‘n’ roll stripes as the guitarist of Guns N’ Roses.



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