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Top 15 Life is a blur Everything you need to know about cataracts!

What are cataracts?: Cataracts are generally painless, cloudy formations over the lens.

How common are cataracts?: Cataracts become progressively more common in progressively.

Different types of cataracts: The lion’s share of cataracts develop with age, but can also be caused.

Curious: Star-shaped cataracts, or stellate cataracts.

Common symptoms: The symptoms of cataracts can get worse as they develop.

Eyes in the clouds: Cataracts often look cloudy, and it might seem surprisingly simple.

Glasses roulette: These changes also lead to a steady degradation in eyesight that many.

Cataract risk factors: While age is the primary and inevitably increasing risk factor for cataracts.

Diabetes: The high blood sugar levels characteristic of diabetes can often.

Smoking and drinking: Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol hastens the process of age-related.

Sun exposure: Prolonged and direct exposure of the eyes to sunlight.

Steroid use: Steroids are prescribed by medical professionals for all sorts of conditions.

The true causes of cataracts: Risk factors aside, experts also know exactly how cataracts form.

Cloudy with age: In addition to the risk factors already discussed, the likelihood.



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