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Top 15 Let’s talk lettuce These leafy greens aren’t as boring as you think!

The family Asteraceae: Lettuce is from a vibrant family of plants called Asteraceae.

What’s in lettuce?: Lettuce is a very watery plant, but it’s also filled with nutrients

The god’s leaf: Lettuce has been cultivated for thousands of years, and was once known.

Egyptian fertility: Since lettuce was thought of as a favorite of one of Egypt’s main fertility

The works of Columella: Columella was one of the most important scholars of agriculture

Caesar’s statue: The most famous of all Roman emperors, Julius Caesar, was particularly.

Lettuce and Domitian: Another Roman emperor, Domitian, also made frequent use of lettuce.

Columbus: Lettuce wasn’t known in the Americas until it was brought to the New World.

Lettuce of all sorts: Lettuce comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Romaine lettuce.

Heads of lettuce: Eating lettuce can greatly contribute to your eyesight.

Lettuce at bedtime: Emperor Domitian might have been crazy, but he was right about lettuce.

The enemies of lettuce: Anyone who’s had a fresh head of lettuce turn rotten in just a couple.

Lettuce in the limelight: Lettuce can be taken for granted in cuisines around the world.

How much lettuce in a year?: The average American eats around 30 pounds (13 kg) of lettuce each year.

Where is lettuce grown?: Lettuce grows best in mild climates. In the United States.



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