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Top 15 Just how dangerous is plastic surgery!

You might get addicted: While in many circumstances plastic surgery can boost a person’s confidence.

It might lead to memory problems: A 2020 study found a connection between silicone breas

It can weaken the immune system: A cosmetic procedure can take a toll on your immune system.

You can develop an autoimmune: A 2019 study found a link between women who received silicone breast.

It can lead to nerve damage: Nerve damage can occur as a result of surgical.

Blood clots are a risk: Blood clots are a risk present in many surgical procedures.

Bruising can be severe: Bruising is to be expected following plastic surgery.

Infection is an imminent risk: The risk of infection is also common to most surgical interventions.

Fluid buildup (seroma): Seroma is the name given to the buildup of body fluid underneath.

Adverse reaction to anesthesia: This is also a risk present in any other surgery.

Bowel obstruction is common: Postoperative ileus is a gastrointestinal issue that can occur.

Excessive bleeding: This may occur during the surgery or after. When excessive blood loss occurs.

Granulomas: Minimally invasive procedures have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Scarring is inevitable: When there is an incision in your skin, a scar is formed.

Separation at the incision: Separation of the two sides of the wound can happen following a surgery.



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