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Top 15 Isn’t he lovely Wonderful facts about Stevie Wonder!

Stevie Wonder: Stevie Wonder was born Stevland Hardaway Morris on May 13, 1950.

Blindness: Wonder was born six weeks premature. He suffered from an eye.

Child prodigy: Stevie Wonder signed his first record deal at age 11.

World record: Little Stevie Wonder earned a spot in the Guinness Book.

Instrumental album: In 1968, Stevie Wonder released an innovative instrumental.

Cover version: He covered Bob Dylan’s ‘Blowin’ in the Wind.

Accident: Stevie Wonder was involved in a serious car crash in 1973.

Family: Stevie Wonder has been married three times.

Hairstyle: The artist started wearing braids in the early ’70s.

Multi-instrumentalist: Stevie Wonder can play the piano, organ, harmonica.

Unique playing style: Stevie Wonder is known for not using.

Synth pioneer: Wonder owned the first unit of the E-mu Emulator.

Inspiration: Wonder’s hit song ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ was inspired by the birth of his daughter.

Green lifestyle: Stevie Wonder is vegan and supports the fight against.

Academy Award: In 1985, Wonder won an Oscar for Best Original Song.



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