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Top 15 Human metapneumovirus what is this killer virus nobody has heard of!

What is human metapneumovirus?: The disease in question is human metapneumovirus.

Seasonal disorder: It is a seasonal disease that usually occurs in the winter and early spring.

A potentially deadly virus: Like RSV, human metapneumovirus is in the Pneumoviridae family.

Who’s most at risk?: Anyone can be infected with hMPV, but it is most common in children.

Children and hMPV: Most children who get infected with hMPV are age five or younger.

The elderly and hMPV: Older people infected with hMPV are also prone.

Weakened immune system: Others at risk of contracting hMPV are those with weakened.

Signs and symptoms: Common symptoms of hMPV include cough, sore throat, fever.

A little-known medical condition: Human metapneumovirus was discovered in 2001

Surprisingly common: But studies over the last four years or so have shown that hMPV.

Youngsters at risk: Furthermore, hMPV was the second most common cause of respiratory.

Cases of hMPV on the rise: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently.

Not aware of the danger: More worryingly, most people appear ignorant as to the dangers.

Testing for the virus: But the CDC also reported a willingness by the general public.

Transmission: Transmission of hMPV is most likely spread from an infected person.



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