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Top 15 How to start and continue your path to recovery from substance abuse!

Is addiction a disease: Contrary to what some may still believe, substance addiction has long been considered.

How can addiction affect your life: Addiction has a way of sneaking into every aspect of your life.

Admit you have an addiction: The first step, even half of the battle, according to some, is admitting.

Face your addiction and come to terms with it: Even once you have admitted to yourself that you have.

Acknowledge your addiction with a loved one: It is essential to not only admit your addiction to yourself

Seek professional support: The journey through recovery is, above all else, an inward journey.

Join a support group: There is an abundance of support to be found outside of clinics.

The 12-step program: Anonymous groups also work and teach what is called the 12-step program.

Get a sponsor: Another important aspect of Anonymous meetings is getting yourself a sponsor.

Identify your triggers: Being in recovery doesn’t mean you never have to go out in the real world again.

Change your environment: Most therapists and addiction experts recommend you change.

Change your company: The second core aspect is to change the company you keep.

Change your routine: The third core aspect may be the most difficult, but in some ways will also come.

Exercise: Something that can be a huge help in recovery is taking up exercising.



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