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Top 15 From humble beginnings to epic performances Unveiling the memorable first gigs of music artists!

Guns N’ Roses: The band’s live debut was on June 8, 1985 at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.

Oasis: The band first hit the stage on August 18, 1991.

Eminem: Marshall Mathers got booed during his first gig in Detroit in 1996.

The Beatles: The Beatles made their live debut on February 9, 1961.

Foo Fighters: The band first played live for a group of friends and family.

David Bowie: Bowie played a few shows under the name Davie Jones.

AC/DC: The Aussie rockers played their first gig in 1973 at Chequers.

U2: The band’s first ever live performance was actually.

Mötley Crüe: The Crüe first stepped on a stage as a band on April 24, 1981.

Led Zeppelin: On September 7, 1968, The New Yardbirds (as they were called before.

The Rolling Stones: The first official Rolling Stones live performance was at the Marquee.

Kiss: Kiss’ live debut was on January 30, 1973, at the Popcorn Club in Queens.

Aerosmith: Guitarist Joe Perry’s mom got her kid’s band their first show.

Joy Division: The post-punk outfit, then called Warsaw, played their first.

The SexPistols: On November 6, 1976, the punk rock band played their first.



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