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Top 15 Foods that should be eaten raw

Avocados: Minerals and fiber in avocados can be lost during cooking. Nonetheless.

Berries: Not only are these nutritionally awesome, they are also delicious and versatile.

Broccoli: Broccoli is one of those foods that split opinions when it comes to how they should be consumed.

Celery: Eating celery is all bout the crunch, right? So, why would you even want to cook it.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are all about that fresh, crisp, and crunchy texture.

Watercress: Watercress contains a number of enzymes that become damaged when exposed to heat.

Seaweed: Seaweed is packed with iodine, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Olive oil: Olive oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants, which may be affected by heat.

Red bell peppers: These are low in calories and rich in vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium.

Nuts: Nuts are nutritionally-dense foods. Eating them roasted is an option.

Lemon: Lemons are rich in vitamin C and fiber, which are nutrients that can be affected by heat.

Garlic: Garlic has a ton of antioxidants and sulfuric compounds, which have been proven to have a number of health benefits.



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