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Top 15 Famous guest stars on ‘Law & Order Special Victims Unit’!

Sharon Stone: Stone made her appearance as Jo Marlowe, the new Bureau Chief.

Alec Baldwin: For Mariska Hargitay’s directorial debut in season 15, Baldwin played.

Bradley Cooper: Before Bradley Cooper became a Hollywood A-lister.

Robin Williams: Williams appeared on ‘SVU’s’ 200th episode during season nine.

Hilary Duff: Far from Lizzie McGuire, Duff appeared in season 10 as a young.

Amanda Seyfried: Seyfried made an appearance in the season six episode ‘Outcry.

Snoop Dogg: In season 20, Snoop Dogg plays a recording artist who gets wrapped.

T.R. Knight: Knight starred in the season 13 episode ‘Double Strands,’ where he played.

Sarah Paulson: Paulson’s very first acting role was on the original ‘Law & Order’ in 1994.

Chloë Sevigny: In season 13’s ‘Valentine’s Day,’ Sevigny portrays a woman claiming.

Rose McGowan: McGowan starred in a wild season 12 episode, where she played.

John Stamos: In the season 12 episode ‘Bang,’ Stamos played lawyer Ken Turner.

Matthew Modine: Modine guest starred in the season 19 episode ‘Rage.’ He portrayed.

Terrence Howard: In the season 12 episode ‘Reparations,’ Howard plays an assistant district.

Carol Burnett: Even some of Hollywood’s legends, like Carol Burnett, have ‘SVU.



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