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Top 15 Everything you need to know about skin cancer!

Three most common types of cancer: The most common type, basal cell carcinoma.

On the rise: Melanoma is on the rise among people under 40, particularly women.

Darker skin tones: This is a myth. Dr. Monica L. Halem told Reader’s Digest that cancer occurs.

Skin cancer: Just like the sun hurts your skin, it equally hurts your eyes.

sunscreen: The higher the SPF does not necessarily mean the better.

SPF terminology: The famous SPF—sun protection factor.

UVB: UVB refers to a specific wavelength of rays (280 to 315 nm) that affects.

UVA: UVA refers to a different wavelength of sunlight 315 to 400.

Broad spectrum: You may recognize these words from your sunscreen bottle.

USA vs. Europe: The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved the ingredients.

How to block UVA?: According to Dr. Monica L. Halem in an interview.

Other protective measures: Sunscreen is a popular and effective way to protect against.

UVA streams through glass: Many people, particularly Americans, tend to have sun.

skin while driving: One way is to apply broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15.

Wear hats: This is particularly important for men with thinning hair.



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