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Top 15 Everything you need to know about chronic fatigue syndrome!

Chronic fatigue syndrome: CFS goes by a few different names. In addition to the bette.

An insidious condition: There is no test to diagnose CFS. This fact, along with the lack of knowledge.

It can be managed: So, CFS has no known cause and no test for diagnosis.

The symptoms: Let’s take a look at the main symptoms associated with CFS.

Persistent exhaustion: For CFS to be diagnosed, this tiredness must be ongoing for at least six months.

The severity can vary: While persistent exhaustion is a universal symptom of CFS.

Post-exertional malaise: The fatigue usually gets much worse after performing physical.

Sleep problems: Sleep problems are also common with CFS. You may feel unrefreshed.

Mental symptoms: Mental symptoms that often come with CFS include a sense of brain fog.

Physical symptoms: More physical symptoms include muscle pain, joint pain, frequent headaches.

Increased sensitivity: Some people with CFS also find that they become more sensitive.

Cyclical CFS: CFS can present itself differently in different people. Some will experience.

Remission and relapse: When the symptoms disappear for a long time, this is called remission.

Risk factors: CFS is most commonly diagnosed in people in their forties and fifties.

Linked to other illnesses: If you have a history of other complex illnesses like fibromyalgia.



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