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Top 15 Eurovision’s craziest controversies!

Accusations of drug use: Italian glam rock band Måneskin, who won the top prize for their song ‘Zitti e buoni’ in 2021.

Dictating the result: The 1968 contest was one for the history books. British singer.

We Don’t Wanna Put In: In 2009, Georgia’s official entry was Stephane and 3G

Pushing buttons: Some commentators took issue with Israel’s entry back in 2007.

Silvía Night: the swearing singer: Silvía Night is a character played by Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir.

Dana International: Dana International broke boundaries as the first transgender.

Turkish invasion: Over the summer of 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, worsening.

Wurst behavior: In 2014, Thomas Neuwirth made headlines and history.

Kissing protest: Krista Siegfrids caused quite a stir in 2013.

Mistake or conspiracy?: At the 1963 contest in London, presenter Katie Boyle.

PingPong’s political performance: One of Eurovision’s most controversial moments took place in 2000.

Serduchka comes second: Andriy Danylko is a cross-dressing comedian, who was Ukraine.

San Marino get sociable: San Marino isn’t the biggest force in Europe, but their 2012.

Broadcasting boycott: During the 1978 ceremony in Paris, the country of Jordan apparently.

Starting a revolution: ABBA (left) stole the show back in 1974, with their winning song.



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