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Top 15 Celebrating the history of African-American music!

A musical history of liberation: The rise and development of Black music in the United States.

The power of music: Music, in the African-American community as in countless other communities.

The Draconian Black Codes: Of course, the story of Black music in the United States.

Spirituals: Almost every distinctly Black genre of American music can be traced.

The blues: After the Civil War, historically white instruments like the guitar started.

A lost history: The blues were an inherently grassroots genre of music, the invention.

Jim Crow and the blues: Blues was emblematic of the Jim Crow South, a place and time.

Birth of jazz: As the blues continued to develop and African-American populations.

New Orleans: It has been deemed virtually impossible to pinpoint the definitive birth.

Jazz and the African: t doesn’t need to be said that jazz is now universally considered.

Elvis didn’t invent: Some time after the inception of jazz, blues music developed into another.

The real genesis: Rock and roll grew out of the more up-tempo traditions of jazz.

Motown Records: With jazz and rock firmly cemented in the annals of music history.

R&B, disco, and soul: Artists born in and outside of Motown Records, such as Marvin Gaye.

The birth of the funk: From the explosive success of soul and disco came one of the most iconic.



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