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Top 15 All the places ‘Friends’ characters have traveled!

China: The One Where Rachel Finds Out’ Ross goes to China.

San Diego: The One After the Superbowl Part 1 After seeing a capuchin monkey.

Montauk: The One at the Beach The gang goes to the beach and lots of things happen.

Yemen: The One With All The Rugby While getting his nails done.

Vermont: The One with Joey’s Dirty Day’ Rachel has agreed.

London: The One with Ross’s Wedding Part 1 In the first part of season 4’s.

Greece: The One After Ross Says Rachel’ When Ross.

Atlantic City: ‘The One with the Kips’ In an attempt to hide.

Las Vegas: The One With Joey’s Big Break Joey gets a part.

Bermuda: ‘The One Where Rachel Tells Monica and Chandler.

Long Island: The One in Massapequa The gangs prepares.

Tulsa: The One With the Sharks Chandler mistakenly.

Barbados: ‘The One in Barbados Part 1 The gang heads to Barbados.

Newark: The Last One: Part 2 Ross goes to Newark Liberty International.

Las Vegas, NV: Joey throws Chandler out on New York’s George Washington bridge.



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