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Top 15 All life long Lionel Richie’s impressive legacy!

Early years: Born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, Lionel Richie went to college.

College mates: While at Tuskegee Institute, Richie formed the musical group.

The Commodores: The six-man band, which also featured Thomas McClary, William King.

Their big break: The group were invited to open for the Jackson 5.

Tying the knot: During this time, Richie married his college sweetheart Brenda.

Songwriting: While singing with The Commodores, Richie honed his skill as a song.

‘Endless Love: In 1981, Richie struck gold with his collaboration with Diana Ross on the title theme song .

Producing: Truly a wiz in the studio, Richie could write the songs.

Going solo: After the immense success of ‘Endless Love,’ and nine albums together.

The right choice: Richie released his eponymous debut solo album in 1982.

Can’t and won’t slow down: The following year, in 1983, he released his second solo album.

Dominating the ’80s: Richie became a defining voice of the ’80s as he continued.

Reuniting with Michael Jackson: Richie reunited with Michael Jackson years later in 1985.

Stroke of good will: The song was a worldwide commercial success.

More Academy Award appreciation: Richie took home the Oscar for Best Original Song.



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