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Top 15 Actors who have songs named after them!

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga has enjoyed phenomenal levels of success and fame over the past decade.

John Wayne: Lady Gaga’s song ‘John Wayne’ (which she wrote with Mark Ronson.

Logic: The American rapper has released five studio albums in just six years, receiving critical praise for much of his work.

Keanu Reeves: Logic released the single ‘Keanu Reeves’ in 2019. It reached no. 38.

Fall Out Boy: Named after a comic book character in ‘The Simpsons,’ the rock band formed in 2001.

Uma Thurman: In 2015, Fall Out Boy released the single ‘Uma Thurman.

The Eagles: Formed in 1971, the legendary band has broken up and reformed.

James Dean: The song ‘James Dean’ is off the album ‘On the Border,’ which was released in 1974.

Tiësto: Tiësto is a highly acclaimed DJ from the Netherlands.

Jackie Chan: The platinum-selling single ‘Jackie Chan’ was produced by Tiësto and Canadian DJ Dzeko.

Mika: The Lebanese singer released his fifth studio album in October 2019.

Grace Kelly: Mika’s 2007 album ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’ contains the single ‘Grace Kelly.

Sheryl Crow: Sheryl Crow is a very versatile singer, whose music falls into many different genres.

Steve McQueen: Sheryl Crow’s single ‘Steve McQueen’ features on her 2002 album ‘C’mon, C’mon.

Gorillaz: Formed in 1998, Gorillaz are a cartoon band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.



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