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Top 10 Wars in History

World War 2

World War 2 was truly the most powerful war in history. It was also the greatest/most powerful human conflict ever. With 68,000,000-72,000,000 casualties ( more than 2.5% of the world’s population at that time), a total of more than 1.2 trillion dollars spent (making it more expensive than all the other wars in history), and even though it lasted only 6 years, 72 countries were involved in the war. It was also the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare, which were two atomic bombs of such incalculable strength/power, damage, and fatalities. No war has ever come nowhere near WW2 deadliness. That explains why it is the most powerful war history has ever seen.

World War 1

WW1 was a war where countries fought each other with no real bad guy. The war shaped warfare and Europe forever, amazing empires collapsed and ended. Most of the war was fought in trenches with trench warfare. There were bodies everywhere and hundreds dead each day. Constant artillery and gunfire and mud filled the trenches sinking men in like quicksand.

American Civil War

The American Civil War is, in my opinion, the most important struggle in American history. How can a nation of free men promote the idea of slavery, and despotism, simply because your a certain race? I understand the American Revolution was the beginning of America, but what makes America so great? Its constitution. God has given rights entitled to every citizen in that country. The constitution was in danger, and the ideas that birthed the nation were in danger. Not only that but it also ended a sort of southern aristocracy in our country. By taking away the way of life that came from only being to farm. It gave the middle class a chance in America. And isn’t that what the country is all about? Equal opportunity? That is why the Civil War is the most important war in American History, and should be number 2 on this list.

American Revolutionary War

This was the most influential war. We were not losing so badly, the British soldiers fought because it was their job, we fought from passion to win, and when you fight with passion, it helps you win. France and Spain were a big help, but if we didn’t fight dirty, we would have lost, we demolished the British at Saratoga. France never switched sides, because they absolutely hated the British, so they wanted to take them down.

Napoleonic Wars

Being Europe the center of culture and ideas that ruled the globe over the next century, this war made the corner stones of our ideas in modern society. Making the world was we live what it is. It moved every nation in Europe made the system of great powers that we live upon. It made the door for other revolutions like the Germany, Italy, Russia, and China revolution later on. I would think as the most important war of modern era if not for the world wars.

Vietnam War

I’m not going to get political and say this war was fought for nothing. I’m also not going to say that the US lost, because they didn’t, they just… abandoned it. But it did devastate soldiers and citizens, some still affected to this day.

The Russian Revolution

A massive war with a casualty figure close to a world war.Also known as the October Revolution.

Mongol Conquests

I want say about this, maybe this not true, but really this is real world war 1 because war with many country, they conquer a lot of country but fail to conquer Japan. Dynasty Yuan actually never exit, only mongol conquer China 100 years, China history also got fake like Dynasty Yuan, how come China emperor not chinese during Yuan? and kill almost 90% Chinese and don’t know we are real chinese or not…don’t know because history is write by victory

Cold War

Due to the legal procedures of classified issues during the huge long term cold war. We can assume the worst of what has happened behind closed doors. We do know is that the U.S. and the USSR promoted violent actions against each other through geopolitical actions.

Hundred Years War

Which actually lasted 116 years.Technically it lasted 116 years (1337-1453).I lucky not to be there.Cool hundred years



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