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Top 10 Concepts Most of Us Can’t Understand!


Is hard to understand because its opposite ” hate ” is part of the concept to understand the meaning of love. Somebody who’s never been loved or have loved will never know what love is. But someone who has loved or has been loved will understand the real value of love when the day comes he will feel its opposite. Only when you feel its opposite you will know what the benefit of love was, what love was when it’s missing or lost. Love can be understood when you understand what hate is and what hate does.

This word is always a bit weird for me to think about, for I don’t have much to connect with it. Iam an asexual aromantic, and I don’t have the best relationship with my family.


This is a subject that is impossible to understand unless you go through it yourself, or witness someone go through it. Understanding death is like growing up, as you grasp onto the world and what our lives on this world means.

Death isn’t bad. It realeses people from their pain. Dead people are still with us. Watching from the stars, gaurding us. They can’t fight our battles, but they cheer for our victories and mourn with us.

Epicurus : ” Death is not important. As long we are here there is no death and when death is there we are not here anymore.”.


Beauty is a subjective and relative concept or notion. What can be beauty to some can be ugly to others and vice versa. Many makes the mistake that beauty is good and has utility in this world ( For instance, concepts like art, someone who does a good action is concidered as good and that he did a beautiful thing and so on… ). Beauty is just a subjective idea or ideal and has no real context in a objective nature. But that’s why it’s so difficult to understand if you have to answer the question ” What is beauty? “.

I adore this list, and truly, beauty and what I deem beautiful is what I’ll replicate on a page. It may be pain, sorrow, or anger I draw, but everything I draw will be what I see as beautiful. There are so many factors in beauty and it’s so abstract, I couldn’t even begin to describe or understand it.


Pain is a feeling that hurts by intensifying the pressure or emotion of the situation that brought you the pain. It is a warning for us to stop and realize our limits. We must understand pain in order to stop it from happening to us. Take risks, but too many can end you.


A serious problem that destroys societies and countries if not executed properly. It’s part of the reason my family’s so messed up emotionally and it’s pretty messed up.

It takes away any initiative and hance reason for life.

No one understands what it means.


Try to imagine it


If history doesn’t understand, it is bound to repeat terror. Take WWII for example. Germany was essentially the blamee in both WWI and WWII. For different reasons. Germany was handled with all the blame in WWI or so I heard, and in WWII, it was the center of the blame again, but for (knowingly? ) the death of 6 million Jews. So history itself is a bomb ready to explode. And mistakes are made consecutivly in matters of time.

Yeah I can’t understand my own mistakes often.

Common Sense

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices aquired by age eighteen.” -Albert Einstein. Truly, I think common sense is rubbish too, because its what society deems we should act. Sometimes yes, social norms are necessary, but knowing when to break them and to think outside of the box is really important in developing as a person.

Again, another BS list. I understand all of these are just a load of rubbish. Common sense however, especially on TheTopTens, is someing there is a lack of.


Yes, but it’s more complex than just DNA and chromosones. What about hermaphrodites, people with two hearts or two heads on one body etc…? Is that a mixed-up fault of DNA?

Science knows what gender is. This is not a mystery anymore. Simply said : DNA, Chromosones…

Your a boy or a girl


Forces are an interesting concept in general, but magnets have to be the hardest to explain. Even if you know how they work, it’s impossible to prove WHY they work. Unless somebody here is smart enough to prove me wrong. �”Prototype 3

How do they work? And I don’t want to talk to a scientist cause those mfers lie and get me pissed



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