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Top 10 Best The Walking Dead (Video Game) Characters!

Lee Everett

Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

There is not much to say here. Everybody knows how important Lee was in raising Clem to become the woman she she became. There is no Clem without him. He is the true father figure in the game and his death helped set the tone for the rest of the series


Clem was to me, the best character, I understand the people who argue for Lee, but to be honest, without clem, Lee would definitely not be as good. Clem is caring, and kind and has gone through a lot, a true survivor.

I almost had Lee here, yet we all saw Clem grow up and how she handled many difficult situations. She did everything she could do to protect others and to raise AJ. She saw people for who they were,


On the outside, a cruel hardened man who lets his frustration get control of him and he had a short temper. Yet underneath it all, he really cared for those close to him. His character really reveals how many people would react to so much loss. While some can keep it together, this unique character struggled to handle it all.


Carley is a person with a very good moral. She is always helping people instead of letting them die and becomes Lees love interest. If there was one character who I would have know Lee’s past it would be her. I disliked the way they killed her though. I give Telltale props for shock value but I think they should have kept her around more to build more of a relationship with Lee before killing her off or making her whereabouts unknown


Very caring character that Clem could always rely on and trust. His character was somebody you could believe in to “save the day” if things went down. He only gets hate from the beginning where he is worried about the bite on Clem, however he put his group first and wanted to protect them so it is kind of understandable.


His interactions, depending on what you choose, are funny with Lee and some other characters. He was like the comic relief in a chaotic world. Had he lived longer, he would have made a perfect father figure to Clementine.

He is not a bad guy, always thinking positive and caring about others. Also, even in bad situations he can stay positive or ironic, and that’s because I like him. He reminds me on myself or how I would like to be and I really would like to know him in reallife.


Ben was pushed around by Kenny because bandits which would have killed him and the rest of the group if he didn’t. I feel like Ben should have replaced Kenny making Kenny die and Ben survive until season 2/3

I honestly see myself in Ben, making him my favorite character in the game. He never wanted to hurt anybody, and I think he actually saved a lot of lives with his actions. 


I like Christa because she took care of Clementine all by herself for 16 months, longer than Lee. I think it’s possible for her appearance in Season 3.

Christa is single handedly one of the best survivors in the game. She managed to survive with Clem for 16 months alone and that isn’t by any means a small feat.


I hated lilly from the start, bossy and just plain irritating I couldn’t even agree with her in most decisions. I’m surprised she’s even this high on the list and she killed Carley, one of my favorite characters in the game I’ll never forgive her for that, I’m glad I helped kill her father and left her behind and another thing I hate: even if you side with her in every decision and let her stay after she kills Carley/Doug and agree to take the RV with her she still betrays you and leaves without you. If she ever comes back I’m gonna kill her the first chance I get, payback for Carley. Lilly is such a bad character in my opinion


Kindhearted character who was very sweet and caring. He was like a Paladin as he always put others before himself; selfless.

Doug is very sweet. While he doesn’t add as much drama as Carley did he’s a great electrician and very smart. He made the bell alarm system at the Motor inn and took a bullet for Ben. He figured out how to distract the zombies to the TV shop in Ep 1 and saved Carley



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