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Top 10 Best Pop-Tarts Flavors!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon has been critically acclaimed twice in my lifespan. It’s simply nothing short of amazing, and if I could, I would eat this every day of my life. Please take some time to retrospectively admire and wonder about the magnificent ramifications this Pop-Tart has had on your life. The impact this single flavor of greatness has had on my life is phenomenal. I’m consistently astounded by the flavor-packed taste of the Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart. After eating my first Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart, I will never eat any other flavored Pop-Tart again. It’s impossible to go back to strawberry after experiencing the shocking power of this one Pop-Tart. I will forever and always be a die-hard Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart enthusiast… from birth till death; nothing will separate me from these breathtaking pastries… nothing!


I’m going left to right I’m going right to left I’m going right to left I’m going left to right. I’m gonna take a bite I’m going left to right I’m going left to right I’m going right to left for that SMORES flavor!

Especially at night… Oh Yeah! I also had it with the Hershey’s Brand Named Ice Cream Brownie with Fudge And Brownie Pieces in Between. The whole Combo! Was really good!

S’mores are definitely the best with gooey chocolate and marshmallow filling, and their delicious, soft/crunchy granola shell! THEY ROCK!

I’ve only just got 4 packs of these for my birthday. I’m eating one right now all these comments are completely accurate. Hands down the best!

Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae is my favorite Pop-Tart flavor! Well, all my Pop Picks (as I call them) come really close to each other. Confetti Party Mix is delicious, and I’m not kidding. Also, have you even took a bit of Chocolate Fudge?! Well, I pity if you haven’t! But overall, Hot Fudge Sundae is looking’ HOT! Never. Ever. Miss. This. Flavor. If. You. See. It. I’ll see to it if you do!

You have never known true pleasure until you are alone in a dark room with a raging thunderstorm outside, consuming a toasted Hot Fudge Sundae Poptart (Good not toasted as well! ).

Me and my best friend used to get these every morning before school from the vending machine, and they are BEAST! The best, hands down.

All the creamy innards of this pop tart *drool*. Nothing beats biting into it’s colorful outer casing and having vanilla deliciousness flood your mouth.

Choc fudge a close 2nd

Cookies & Creme

I found these in the store a couple months ago, and the first thing I said was, “Wow! This looks so good! I bet it tastes awesome! ” It wasn’t too long after when I finally tried it, and I was right! I absolutely loved it, and it was definitely the best pop-tart flavour I’ve ever had!

I don’t understand how some people’s favorites are brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry. Like there are so many flavors that are way better. Like cookies and creme. So good. My favorite though is peanut butter. But these are close behind.

The Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon sounds kind of gross in my opinion, but although I don’t remember that much about these, judging by the name, I think I would still love them. After all, I already did before.


There is nothing better than the good old original strawberry pop tart. I personally HATE flavored that are more on the desert side; I prefer the fruity flavors. In my opinion, strawberry is the best fruity flavor, making it my number one.

I love frosted strawberry! But cinnamon has to be my second favorite. It used to be #1, but strawberry is better! SO MUCH BETTER! The frosting on this one is better too. The frosting stuff on the cinnamon melts too quick in the toaster. Definitely better

I really love strawberry flavored Poptarts because the they have a little sweet and a little sour. They are so tasty and quick to eat if you are on the go, just like any other flavor of Poptarts. I love strawberry the best, but cookies and cream is my second favorite flavor.

Chocolate Fudge

Strawberry sucks. I’m saying it. It tastes like a horse’s back fried and then sprinkled with pig tongues. Chocolate Fudge ascended from the heavens.

I loved the Cookies & Creme, but I’ve only had them a few times, and that was a long time ago. I can’t even remember what they taste like anymore so I’m voting for these because I still love them.

The best flavor possible for pop tarts. It does not get any better, these are simply the best pop tarts I have ever tasted. In fact, I am eating one at this very moment.

I haven’t had many different flavors of poptarts, but out of the ones I’ve tried, these are probably the best. I love the filling and the crust on these ones.

Chocolate Chip

I don’t like Poptarts because of their fillings… but Chocolate Chip Poptarts are THE only exception. The moment I tried these, I knew I was hooked! It’s terrible because I’m trying to limit my calorie intake, but I just can’t help myself! I first tried Strawberry, and, honestly, I only eat the crust and the frosting on top (leaving me feeling sick from too much sugar). Chocolate Chip doesn’t do that. I can eat the whole thing without feeling like I’m about to puke. Seriously underrated! My one and only favorite Poptart for sure!

It is AMAZING! Me and my friends were looking for so long and I FINALLY found them! Our Resource Room teacher (who also like Pop Tarts) still hasn’t found them. We are huge Pop Tart fans and this is the flavor that is hard to find, but tastes so good!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Seriously, I can barely stand any other pop tart because this one is so much better than any of the other flavors I’ve had (and I’ve had almost all of the others). They taste delicious toasted or un-toasted, you just can’t go wrong. Best flavor by far.

This was disgusting, but it was the only one I have ever eaten so this has to be my favourite. Maybe I’ll try strawberry next time though!

The strawberry Pop tart is disgusting simply horrible! The hot fudge sundae would be my 2nd the. The brown sugar, then the s’mores m. You can’t go wrong with cookie dough…doe it does need a splash more

Red Velvet Cupcake

Red velvet isn’t my favorite flavor in general-but Red Velvet Pop Tarts are THE BEST! They are so delicious and I even smear cream cheese on mine after I toast them. I think anyone and everyone would love these, but especially those red velvet lovers out there, you need to (YOU HAVE TO) try these amazing masterpieces.

The best pop tart ever hands down! Please don’t keep this a limited edition. When I buy, I must buy in bulk, I mean at least 5 boxes. My friends steal them because they are so good and I can’t eat just one! My favorite!

I ate these everyday at work for months and then they just disappeared! Help, I LOVE these and would kill for some more…maybe not kill but seriously harm for some. Please bring them back!

Cinnamon Roll

These are the best ever. I do eat them everyday when I can find them, The stores in my area couldn’t keep them on the shelf. Wondering why they ever took them off?

These are THE BEST without a doubt! Our Walmart in Spearfish, SD, used to sell them, but all of a sudden no longer. We can’t buy them anywhere. Please engage a retailer near us so we can be happy again!

The Cinnamon Roll Poptarts are by FAR the greatest tasting Poptart of all time. Its breakfast, it’s a snack and its also a DESSERT. It’s the most versatile Poptart out there. Who doesn’t like versatility and options?



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