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Top 10 Best Indie Games!


Love the story. For some reason I really like chara and frisk and sans even though there are other characters. Although it may just be because I love the fanart, especially Chara’s. Also love the aus and the songs based around it. Actually haven’t played it, just watched some gameplay. But even the regular stuff is good. It’s not actually overrated. I think it’s slightly underrated. The fandom isn’t too bad. The haters are actually worse in my opinion. Overall a amazing game.

This game is a masterpiece. 

Shovel Knight

It’s amazing, creative and unique! Also, the DLCs are fantastic! I just really enjoyed this game and it’s a great refreshing game for Castlevania and Mega Man fans. Also the graphics are quite good for an indie game.

An NES game on steroids, combining the glory of old game design with the fluidity that today’s games are known to have.

The standard for what an indie game should be. Still going strong and getting new content after 3 years

Castle Crashers

This is the most epically-stupid game I have ever played, which is what makes it so great. It’s a most inspiring adventure with an awesome soundtrack and replay value, chock-full of poop jokes and silly moments. Castle Crashers does NOT take itself seriously in the slightest, and yet emerges as one of the greatest things ever produced by Newgrounds.

This game was my childhood, boys. I laughed my ass off playing Castle Crashers and it’s definitely something worth checking out.


This game is so much more unique to any other game out there (except for its successor Inside). I like and appreciate all these other indie games, but this one is so much more different than what I’ve known, so it really stands out from the others, along with Inside.

Love this game. The art style is so beautiful… It has a chilling atmosphere at some times, and a calming one at others. That and the puzzle sections are well thought out and engaging, without being hair-pulling-ly rage quit difficult.
Love it, should be in… Well, at LEAST the top 5.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight was made by two people, basically.

It doesn’t innovate or bring new astonishing things to the table, but everything it does, it touches perfection. Being as it is, I can assume that this is the best Metroidvania eve made without a doubt, and deserves to be on the top 5 list.

My top 5 would be:

1 – Minecraft
2 – Braid
3 – Limbo
4 – Hollow Knight
5 – Amnesia: the dark descent


This is much more than just another game, this game is an experience. A unique, thought-provoking experience that is waiting to be had by anyone and everyone.

I wish everyone could experience this game. It is a one-of-a-kind experience playing that many are missing out on unfortunately.

Shantae (Series)

The games feels for the most the same but varies at times in good ways and somewhat different from time to time and has some unique yet sort of but still predictable story lines. Although 10 out of 10 if you ask me.

I’d put these individually, but all three (soon-to-be-four) games in this series are just all so great, and it’d be tough to pick just one! Can’t wait for Half-Genie Hero to come out soon! Wayforward, you’ve done it again!

I love the Shantae games! They’re so underrated and need some more love!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

So maybe it doesn’t really appeal to people now that it is stretched to 8+ games, but think back to the time this first came out; it was a revolutionary indie game. Sometimes great games will get to popular for their own good.

This game is more clever than an A level in Further Maths. Trust me.

Never played the games, but with lore and fan base, its pretty huge


This game is like the fantasy and mystical version of Minecraft. Maybe I shouldn’t compare it to Minecraft, since it is actually quite different from Minecraft, aside from the block-by-block mechanic. I like all the adventurous mobs, quests, and places in this game, they were made with lots of creativity.

There is no game better, Terraria allows players to explore and adventure in a totally knew world, we all are sad to see The Journey’s


I bought this game and I’m most certainly not dissapointed. There’s not ONE thing I can complain about the game, unlike fnaf, undertale, or even Minecraft. The bosses are creative and fun, the animation is fantastic, the gameplay is fluid and polished, and the the game itself is challenging but fair.

Also, why is Undertale number 1? Sure, the story and characters are great, but everything else is mediocre and the fanbase is so toxic that even the creator hates it. Cuphead is better than Undertale.



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