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Top 10 Beaches in India!

Anjuna Beach Goa: It is one of Goa’s most renowned beaches and has a long history of hippy culture.

Beach Agonda (Goa): One of Goa’s most abundant and spotless beaches is Agonda Beach.

Palolem Beach (Goa): Goa, one of India’s busiest and most picturesque beaches, is home to Palolem Beach.

Gokarna beach (Karnataka): Karnataka is gradually becoming as well-known as Goa because of the Gokarna beach.

Kovalam Beach (Kerala): Kerala’s Kovalam Beach is situated close to the Arabian Sea.

Malpe Beach (Udupi, Karnataka): Malpe Beach, which is situated in Karnataka.

Om Beach (Gokarna): The most well-known beach in Gokarna is Om Beach because it resembles (Om).

Puri Beach (Odisha): One of India’s most well-known beaches, Puri Beach, is located on the Bay of Bengal.

Radhanagar Beach (Andaman & Nicobar Island): One of India’s top beaches is Radhanagar Beach, situated in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands on Havelock Island.

Yarada Beach (Visakhapatnam): Yarada Beach is a fascinating location surrounded on three sides by hills and the Bay of Bengal.



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