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Things To Do In Zion National Park USA!

Angels Landing: Angels Landing is one of the most adrenaline-inducing hikes you can take at Zion National Park! Actually, saying that, it’s one of the most exciting but strenuous hikes in the whole of Utah!

Human History Museum: The Human History Museum is worth a visit during your trip as it shines a light on the cultural history of Zion National Park.

Kanarra Creek: hiking Kanarra Creek is one of the best things to do in Zion National Park if you want to see an impressive slot canyon.

The Narrows: The Narrows is probably the most famous of the Zion Hill trails to explore. Well, saying that, the Narrows really isn’t a trail at all – rather, it’s the very narrowest part of Zion Canyon that can be strolled (and sometimes waded) through.

Weeping Rock: Weeping Rock has earned its name courtesy of its constantly moist environment. You see, the surface of the rock is perpetually wet, with water dripping, and sometimes flowing, out of it.

Willis Creek Narrows: One of the greatest things about visiting Willis Creek Narrows is that it’s pretty accessible and relatively easy to see.



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