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Best Sports Movies of All Time


Now, Rocky is the best sports movie of all time. Mainly because it is so relatable to real life situations, and the way Sylvester Stallone just brought Rocky to life was really incredible, so Rocky deserves to be on the top.

Remember the Titans

The topic of this movie goes way beneath just a football team trying to win the Virginia State Championship.


Inspirational and heartwarming film with literally one of the greatest scores ever made. Rudy beats out every movie on here.

A League Of Their Own

Really good girl power movie

The Sandlot

The baseball movie with the dog, I like this movie.

Field of Dreams

Love this movie! Soft spot in my heart for it as I used to live in Chisholm, Minn., and knew people who knew Moonlight Graham. Kostner is good as always but I thought Ray Liotta and James Earl Jones made this movie. Amy Madigan and Timothy Busfield were good, too.


“Hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!

Raging Bull

This is one of the best films ever, should be at least top 3, if not number 1! It’s a better film than rocky, but not as enjoyable. Additionally, it’s one of the best directed movies ever and Robert DeNiro’s performance is the best acting performance since Marlon Brando in The Godfather.


It’s pretty interesting

The Karate Kid

Better than the reboot by a long shot, as is always the case in my humble opinion.



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