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Best Pokemon Games!

Pokemon Emerald

Generation 3 games have a special place in my heart. It is very hard to pick which Pokemon game is best, but this is the one that I feel the most attachment for. I’ve been a fan since Gen 1, but this one means so much to me because it came out at a time when Pokemon was losing its status as a worldwide phenomenon and people began shunning it. But I still loved Pokemon. I’m so glad I gave this game a chance and didn’t forget about Pokemon like 90% of my friends did at the time. It had a decent story by Pokemon standards and introduced a lot of cool new Pokemon like Metagross, Blaziken, Swampert, Absol, Gardevoir, and of course, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, etc. I wouldn’t say it has the best selection of Pokemon available, but it has my favorite overall soundtrack and my favorite region/map design. There are also neat things that you won’t see in the other games, like having your own Secret Base. There’s also the lengthy and challenging post-game, the Battle Frontier. I cannot wait 

Pokemon Platinum

Over my harsh past with Nintendo, I’ve had some happiness and upsets as well. This was my first game, when I was about 5 or 6. I loved this game for giving me such a powerful bond with the gamer I am today. It was truly a beautiful game, along with being a challenge. I lost all of my DS games due to issues at home when I was 9. Now that I’m almost 14 and have the game back, it just brings tears to my eyes. Of all the Pokemon games, I can honestly say that, not due to favoritism but experience, if you play this you will love this game. Believe in yourself like I did and have an exciting adventure of your very own!

I don’t understand how Pokemon FireRed is above this masterpiece simply because of nostalgia. I don’t think they rated the game unbiasedly. I will try to rate this without any bias. So to start off, the graphics were amazing. 

Pokemon SoulSilver

The first Pokemon game I ever played was Silver, and it was shared among me and my two brothers. We had a blast playing through it. We must have had over 300 hours on it, and eventually, we couldn’t save anymore because we had played too much. I eventually got Ruby, FireRed, and eventually Pearl, but nothing was the same experience as this. When the news came out that Gold and Silver were being remade, I was ecstatic. This game has successfully kept everything that was wonderful in Silver – two regions, great Pokemon, awesome story – and made it better by updating it for the DS. It’s by far the best game for me, although the original Generation Two games are classic.

Pokemon Fire Red

Those of you who are claiming that games like Diamond and Pearl can compete with the original Pokemon games or the remakes of the originals must have joined the Pokemon party late. The original games will forever be a masterpiece and hallmark of gaming. Those games launched a frenzy in their heyday, the likes of which we will never see again. The nostalgia and memories will always make them the top dog.

Pokemon Fire Red was the first Pokemon game I ever played. If you say that the new generation of games (Platinum, HeartGold, and Diamond) are better than the old ones, you probably have never played them. But not every single old Pokemon game is as good as Pokemon Fire Red! I mean

Pokemon HeartGold

The HeartGold and SoulSilver games were the peak of Pokemon games. They really do justice to the Gold and Silver games, and on top of that have beautiful graphics and soundtrack. After these games, Pokemon steadily went downhill, becoming easier and less gratifying, less special.

If you want a game with better aesthetics and soundtrack, but don’t want the blandness and simplicity of newer Pokemon games, I suggest HeartGold or SoulSilver.

And as someone whose first Pokemon game was the original Gold version, it makes you feel really nostalgic.

Easily the best Pokemon game ever. There are so many little pieces of extra plot and awesome mini-games that you get addicted to after a while (Pokeathlon, the bug-catching thing above Goldenrod City, the Battle Frontier, and the slot machines in Celadon City). Also, you can go in Johto, my favorite region of all, and Kanto. The storyline is also my favorite, right after Emerald, which I feel is more important than anything else in a Pokemon game. 

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Diamond is the best. The graphics are good, but they don’t overdo it like Black and White. This game has the best Pokemon ever! Giratina and my favorite, Torterra. This was my second game after Fire Red (Game Boy Advance version), so this was the game that actually taught me about Pokemon. It helped me understand Pokemon. I also like this game because it has more Pokemon to catch, the hardest Elite Four, and more legendaries than any other game. Finally, this game was a great adventure because Sinnoh is the largest region. It let me explore and have a great time. I’ve played this game for 400 hours and I’m not stopping. Any REAL Pokemon fan should have this. And don’t bother getting Black and White. It’s the easiest game ever!

Honestly, I may be a little biased, for this is my first-ever Pokemon game, but this is, in my opinion, one of the best games. I even loved the anime part of it! The song tracks are beautiful, the graphics are nice and classic and not overdone, and the Pokemon there are awesome! I love the places you can go to as well.

Pokemon X

This game is nearing its 10th anniversary, and I must say, despite its easy difficulty and forgettable characters (The Elite Four is a perfect example of this), coupled with an evidently rushed development cycle, this was perhaps the last time we saw the main series Pokemon in its former glory. The Kalos region is vibrant, boasting impressive graphics for 3DS standards. The French-inspired locales further enhance its beauty. There are also references to French culture, such as place names, cafes, and fashion. Lumiose City is essentially Paris. I highly recommend choosing the female character since clothing options for males are limited. It’s the small details that make the game enjoyable, just as with the minigames. I fondly recall playing with my Fennekin, Bongo, in Pokemon Amie, and creating PR videos was always fun. Overall, Pokemon X&Y was a delightful experience for me. I’d love to revisit it sometime in the future.

Pokemon Black

When this came out in 2010, I bought it for $50 and played it all day and night. My parents were mad at me for playing it when I should have been doing homework. I was 11, and I really enjoyed it when it first came out. All of the anticipation, build-up, and hype were the best parts of my craving for it. I was so excited for it, and I remember how long I played because I had a log for it just so that if my friends said they played longer than me, I could prove them wrong. I played for 56 hours, and 24 of those hours were in one straight day of me on my couch with my DSi, playing and playing. I remember telling my parents, who were mad at me for spending $50 on it, “It’s great!” and “I love it so much!” I calmed them down after a bit because they thought I had wasted quite a bit of my allowance. Chores earned me $6 a week, and I had recently made a deal that if I did something extra each week, they would give me an extra $1. The only reason I asked for that deal was that I wanted to 

Pokemon Yellow

Ah, Pokemon Yellow. It’s honestly a classic, and for a Game Boy game, there was just so much on it. I appreciate the extremely unfriendly rival who’s always one step ahead of you, and an evil team that’s essentially the Pokemon Mafia. With colorful characters and a catchy soundtrack, this game holds a special place in my heart. Red, Blue, and Green were all pretty good, but Yellow feels like a slightly more complete version to me, and the addition of Pikachu is pretty adorable. I love the little dance he does if you leave him above a ledge after you jump off of it.

Yellow is not only my favorite Pokemon game but also my 13th favorite video game of all time. It was just pure awesomeness from the start. This was my second Pokemon game (Blue was my first), and after owning almost every generation, Yellow is still my favorite due to the newness of the concept at the time, the replay value, and of course, the nostalgia. I even like how glitchy the game is! Aside from that, I think that Yellow and Crystal should be much higher.

Pokemon Crystal

This is hands down the best Pokemon game ever, with a great storyline. I adore how it’s like you have to prove yourself to the legendary dogs (really Suicune), but the story doesn’t prevent you from easily getting through the gyms, like in Black and White. My one peeve is how easily Typhlosion can walk through the gyms, and how easy Victory Road is. That doesn’t mean that this game is not challenging. The Ice Path can be very tough to figure out. Another plus to this game is access to two regions! Sixteen badges of awesomeness and epic battles vs. Red packing level 80s. Pokemon Crystal is hands down the greatest Pokemon game of all time!

I have to say, this game was the first Pokemon game that I really played through as a kid. But after a little while, I lost it and couldn’t play it anymore. I was heartbroken. When I saw it again at a yard sale, I bought it in a heartbeat. It starts off with the best story of any Pokemon game and also has one of the largest Pokedexes to boot, during the time when it came out. It was the first to incorporate moving Pokemon, which I thought was awesome. It probably has the longest story out of any Pokemon game ever.



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