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15 What your farts can tell you about your health!

We fart a lot: Farting is normal. Most of us do so anywhere from 12 to 25 times a day.

Not all farts smell: The vast majority of flatulence is completely odorless.

You might be eating too much fiber: One of the things that impacts our flatulence is the food we eat.

much protein: Protein contains sulfur, which is then turned.

artificial sweetener: Artificial sweeteners are a popular substitute for sugar.

swallowing too much air: We swallow air when we do basic everyday things such as talking.

digestive disorder: Some digestive disorders can increase flatulence.

food intolerance or sensitivity: Some people lack the digestive enzyme to break down certain foods.

bacteria is imbalanced: Bloating and excessive flatulence may be a sign.

mental health issue: A 2021 study comprising 6,000 participants from different countries.

medication side effect: Some medications not only increase gas production.

Cancer: Some cancers can make your gut produce more gas and therefore.

You might just be pregnant: Yes, pregnancy can make you fart a lot more, and often the smell.

Did you just give birth?: Pregnancy is a gassy time for a woman, but unfortunately.

It might just be your period: Menstruation often comes with an array of unpleasant symptoms.



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