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15 What is quiet luxury!

2023 trend: If there is one trend to look out for in 2023, it’s what fashion journalists.

All the rage: As the rich and famous ditch their gaudy branded pieces for understated.

Quietly developing: The concept of quiet luxury is nothing new. In fact.

Mood: Quiet luxury is best described as a mood, rather than an aesthetic.

More than a mood: More than that, though, quiet luxury is about functionality and investment clothing.

Anti-fast fashion: Quiet luxury does not have time, for example, for people who believe.

Multi-use: Rather, it is about investing in a handful of timeless and flexible pieces.

Expert opinion: As Forbes journalist Bianca Salonga put it, “It’s about maximizing.

Quiet luxury in action: For a real-life example of quiet luxury in action, think Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Here she appears in her merino dress from The Row—classy.

Mark Zuckerberg: Another example would be Mark Zuckerberg, whose famous.

Brands: In the era of quiet luxury, there are certain brands that have come to be most associated.

The Row: For example, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s brand The Row is one that quick.

Other brands: Other brands on the list would be Khaite, the aforementioned.

The million-dollar question: You might be thinking that all sounds well and good.



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