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15 What exactly is neurofibromatosis!

What is neurofibromatosis: Neurofibromatosis can refer to any of three neurological disorders.

Benign vs. malignant: Most of the time, these tumors are benign. However, some tumors.

Diagnosing neurofibromatosis: The different types of neurofibromatosis can exhibit any number.

The different types: There are three distinct types of neurofibromatosis: neurofibromatosis.

How common is neurofibromatosis: NF1 is relatively common as far as neurological disorders go.

The perplexity of neurology: Like any other neurological condition, neurofibromatosis is a little-understood.

What causes neurofibromatosis: What we do know about neurofibromatosis is that it can be passed.

Genetic mutations: Each of the three types of neurofibromatosis are caused by a mutation.

NF1: Chromosome 17 produces neurofibromin, and the NF1 mutation causes.

Risk factors: As with all types of neurofibromatosis, the greatest risk factor in NF1.

Skin spots and Lisch nodules: Skin spots and benign Lisch nodule tumors are common symptoms of NF1.

Optic glioma: Optic gliomas are tumors, usually benign, that grow around the brain’s optic.

Trouble at school: If neurofibromatosis tumors develop in the brain, they can cause learning.

Physical peculiarities: Tumors caused by neurofibromatosis, when situated on top of nerves.

Bone deformities: NF1 tumors can also have a disastrous effect on bone structure.



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