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15 What exactly is antiphospholipid antibody syndrome!

Antiphospholipid: Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS), also known as Hughes syndrome.

Abnormal blood clotting: The condition causes abnormal blood clots to form in veins.

Autoimmune disorders: Autoimmune disorders occur when your body’s immune system.

Abnormal antibodies: Normally, antibodies protect your body from viruses or bacteria.

Increased risk of blood clots: These target proteins attached to fat molecules.

Causes: It’s not clear what causes the immune system to produce abnormal antibodies.

Who’s affected?: APS can strike people of all ages, including children and babies.

Association with lupus: According to the APS Foundation of America (APSFA).

Signs and symptoms of APS: High levels of APS antibodies in the blood increase the risk.

Nausea: Waves of nausea and repeated headaches or migraines.

Mobility issues: Dizziness, lack of coordination, and problems.

Vision problems: People with APS may also experience double vision.

Speech problems: APS can cause problems with speech. Less commonly, it can induce bouts.

Swelling in arms or legs: Those with APS may suffer from pain, redness, warmth, and swelling.

Fatigue: Extreme exhaustion coupled with upper body discomfort in the arms.



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