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15 What do soldiers from around the world eat!

Combat rations: These self-contained, individual rations have been used by the military for many years.

Contents: Many armed forces divide the rations into different meals e.g. breakfast.

Packaging: Different armed forces use different technologies when it comes to packaging.

Ukraine: Ukraine suddenly needed hundreds of thousands of meal kits for its soldiers.

Russia: The invading army of Russia also has to provide nourishment.

United Kingdom: The British armed forces have different ‘operational ration packs’ (ORP).

Spain: An example of a Spanish Army combat ration includes stewed steak.

Germany: Bundeswehr’s Einmannpackung (EPA) can include lentils with sausages.

USA: The United States’ Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) contains a main course.

France: The French RCIR (ration de combat individuelle réchauffable) contains foods.

Denmark: The Danish ration contains a main meal and other foods such as energy bars.

South Korea: The Korean rations include white rice with meat and vegetables.

Greece: The Greek’s Merida Eidikon Dynameon includes canned meat.

Japan: The Japan Self-Defense Forces’ combat rations include frankfurters.

Australia: The Australian combat ration can contain beef Kai Si Ming, Dutch-style.



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