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15 things to know about children’s eyes and vision!

Smoking can harm: The first one probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

It’s due date that counts: If your baby is born premature, you should measure their milestones.

Vision is developing: During the first few months of a baby’s life, their vision is still forming.

Eyes should focus: By three months, however, an infant’s eyes should start working.

Babies see in 3D: By five months, babies are able to see in 3D.

Color is fixed: By nine months, a baby’s eyes have almost turned their final color.

Watch for misalignment: Once your baby becomes a toddler, it is time to keep an eye.

Keep measles in mind: Bear in mind, too, that measles is the leading cause of childhood.

Many kids are farsighted: Many school-age children are farsighted, rather than shortsighted.

Good screen hygiene matters: Encouraging your child to practice good screen hygiene.

Less obvious symptoms: Some symptoms of childhood vision problems are obvious.

Vision problems: Contrary to popular belief, vision problems, including jerky eye movements.

Children can get cataracts too: Again contrary to popular belief, children can get cataracts.

Blue light is not dangerous: Blue light is not necessarily bad for your child’s vision.

Photos can help diagnose vision problems: If you take a photo of your child and notice a white.



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