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15 These TV characters were killed off because of their actors’ behavior!

Murray The Goldbergs: In Jeff Garlin’s case, he upset many more of his co-workers on the set of the ABC sitcom.

Eddie LeBec: If you don’t like kissing your on-screen wife, maybe don’t complain.

Edie Britt: Edie Britt was killed off in 2009, reportedly due to Sheridan’s poor relationship.

Professor Maximilian Arturo: The Welsh actor regularly complained about the script for the ’90s sci-fi show.

Prue: Doherty has had a reputation for being difficult dating back to ‘Beverly Hills.

Marissa Cooper: Marissa Cooper dies in a devastating car crash in the third season.

Dr. Derek Shepherd: McDreamy was killed in a car crash at the end of season 11 after reports.

Dr. Preston Burke: The drama of the show is almost as juicy off-screen.

Dr. George O’Malley: Knight’s character was also killed off, though by heroically sacrificing.

Harrison Wright: Shonda Rhimes’ TV universe is once again more scandalous off-screen.

Valerie Hogan: In one of the most surprising TV exits ever, the eponymous star.

Charlie Harper: The fastest way to get killed off a show is by making antisemitic.

Libby Smith: The 2000s phenomenon had two short-tempered stars at the same time.

James Evans: John Amos became disillusioned with the cheap.

Charlie Pace: So much trouble in Hawaiian paradise! Monaghan’s much-loved character Charlie.



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