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15 The symptoms and causes of congenital cytomegalovirus!

Causes: CMV is related to the viruses that cause chickenpox, herpes simplex virus.

Symptoms: While most healthy people don’t experience symptoms, there are certain.

Symptoms in babies: A few babies who have CMV appear healthy at birth.

Possible symptoms in newborns: Babies who have CMV and who are sick at birth might.

People who have weakened immunity: People with weakened immunity might experience serious problems.

Healthy adults: Most healthy people experience few if any symptoms. In the case they do.

When to see a doctor: See a doctor if you have a weakened immune system and if you’re experiencing.

Rest if you’re otherwise healthy: If you’re experiencing any mild, generalized symptoms.

When your child should see a doctor: If you know you were infected with CMV during pregnancy.

It spreads through body fluids: When the virus is active, you can pass it to other people.

Common ways it’s transmitted: CMV can also be transmitted when touching your eyes.

Other causes: CMV can also be a complication from organ, bone marrow, or stem cell transplantation.

During pregnancies: Someone who’s pregnant and infected can pass the virus to the baby before or during birth.

Risk factors: CMV is a common virus that can infect almost anyone. Over half of adults.

Complications: Complications can vary, depending on your overall health.



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