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15 The reasons why caffeine doesn’t work for everyone!

It might be genetic: You may also have genes that mean you don’t feel the effects.

You might have a tolerance: Another reason that you don’t feel the effects of caffeine.

You might be sleep deprived: The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason that caffeine.

Dehydrated: If you are drinking cup after cup of coffee or tea and finding.

consuming enough: It may also be the case that you are simply not consuming enough caffeine.

afternoon slump: If you find that caffeine is particularly ineffective after lunch.

medications: Finally, if you are taking medications regularly.

Other options: If you are finding that caffeine isn’t affecting you and you’re.

Exercise: The best thing to do is exercise before work. Even if you only walk for 20 minutes.

Eat the right foods: Eating the right foods is also a good way to ensure.

Get some sun: If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with abundant sunlight.

Take supplements: If you’re into supplements, there are definitely some energizing.

Try aromatherapy: Last but not least, you might try inhaling an aromatherapy blend.

Pecan salad: For a light lunch, why not enjoy a salad made with roasted beetroot.

Savory dishes: While you may be more used to seeing pecans in desserts, they definitely.



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