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15 The impressive filming locations of ‘The Witcher’!

Budapest: The town of Blaviken was shot within two film studios near Budapest.

Jaki Chapel: Situated in Budapest, the Jaki Chapel was the setting for the inner courtyard.

Fort Monostor: Monostori Erod (Fort Monostor) is located in Komárom.

Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum: The home of the character Yennefer, and the scenes.

Kiscelli Museum: The graduation ball that takes place in Aretuza and the conclave.

Tata Castle: The house in Rinde featuring Yennefer is the Tata Castle.

Szelim Cave: The scene depicting a dragon’s lair was shot in the Szelim Cave near Tatabánya, Hungary.

Geological Park of Bauxite Mining: The scene in which Yennefer passes a Nilfgaard archaeological.

Ogrodzieniec Castle: The Battle of Sodden Hill was filmed at Ogrodzieniec Castle.

Roque de Santo Domingo: Aretuza’s school of magic is located in Tor Lara (Tower of the Gull.

La Palma: The beautiful island of La Palma was used to film many scenes within the first season.

Los Tilos Waterfall: Brokilon forest was filmed in various locations, one of which was at Los Tilos.

Cubo de la Galga: The fern forest of Cubo de la Galga was another location in La Palma.

Cumbrecita Viewpoint: Some scenes were filmed at the Cumbrecita Viewpoint, which is situated in La Palma.



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