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15 The best grilled cheese hacks to go from good to gourmet!

Use mayo to coat the bread: Most people use butter to coat the bread on the outside, but swapping.

Try different cheeses: It has long past the time to retire those single slices of cheese.

Add fruit: Don’t be afraid of adding fresh fruit like apples (pair with brie), pears.

Make it in a panini press: Go beyond the traditional stovetop and try out a panini press.

Use multiple cheeses: What’s more luxurious than having multiple kinds of cheese in one sandwich.

Shred hard cheese: If the cheese you want to use comes in a block, instead of slicing it.

Put cheese on the outside too: Placing shredded cheese (like parmesan, cheddar) directly onto the skillet.

Toast both sides of the bread: To achieve maximum crispiness, toast your bread in the toaster.

Infuse the butter: Before adding your butter or oil, try infusing it by adding aromatic.

Experiment with sweetness: Adding a little bit of jelly, Nutella, some shaved dark chocolate.

Add nuts: A little crunch of chopped nuts can completely elevate a grilled cheese.

Pick a nice bread: What if instead of your regular loaf you used brioche, which has a perfectly.

Make it spicy: Use a spicy Asiago cheese or habanero cheddar, or throw some jalapenos.

Employ a second pan: Using a second pan to press your sandwich into the first pan.

Add umami flavor: Sundried tomatoes pack the perfect umami punch for a grilled cheese.



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