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15 The best deep-fried desserts in the world!

Beignets: These squares of deep-fried pastry dough are traditionally served hot and sprinkled.

Picarones: A staple of Peruvian street food, picarones are often referred.

Krapfen: Krapfen was probably the first European-style donut, followed.

Pastel with guava and cheese: A pastel is a typical Brazilian fast-food dish, consisting.

Cannoli: A staple of Sicilian cuisine, who can say no to fried pastry dough filled.

Churros: Crispy, crunchy, and intensely fragrant, churros consist of deep-fried yeast.

Vdolky: Vdolky are soft, tender Czech donuts, which are prepared with yeasted.

Quarkbällchen: Quarkbällchen, meaning quark balls, is a traditional German snack.

Kokis: Consisting of a batter made with coconut milk, eggs, and rice flour.

Pastelitos criollos: Typically star shaped, these crispy, deep-fried Argentinian pastries.

Pisang goreng: Fried bananas, or plantains, are a common everyday snack in Indonesia.

Bolinhos de chuva: Roughly translated to “rain cakes,” bolinhos de chuva are traditional.

Fried ice cream: An American classic, fried ice cream is made by coating a scoop.

Zulbia: Originally from Iran, zulbia or jalebi can be found in different variations throughout.

Sachima: Sachima is a Chinese sweet snack, which consists of a deep-fried.



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