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15 The absolute best frozen yogurt toppings!

Crushed Oreos: The famous sandwich cookie, consisting of two chocolate.

Strawberries: If you’re more traditional, you know that nothing beats fresh strawberries.

Chocolate chip: A simple yet classic topping for frozen yogurt is chocolate chips.

Gummy bears: If you’re a bigger fan of fruity candy over chocolate, gummy bears are your best bet.

Chopped almonds: Almonds are delicious and work perfectly as a frozen yogurt.

Sprinkles: Rainbow or chocolate sprinkles are a winner, and a classic addition.

Mango pieces: Chopped golden yellow mango pieces brings out some exotic flavors.

Mochi ice cream: This Japanese dessert might be a non-traditional topping.

Cookie dough: Often made with brown sugar and semi-sweet chocolate chips, cookie.

Banana and cinnamon: A classic yogurt combination that also works great on frozen.

Shredded coconut: Add some nutty and tropical flavors with shredded coconut.

Orange compote: Go for a citric touch with some orange compote.

Pistachio: You can’t miss out on this delicious topping, especially.

Peanut butter cups: Who doesn’t love the flavors of chocolate, peanut butter.

Crushed Graham crackers: A healthier option than Oreos, Graham crackers are great.



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