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15 Rock songs surprisingly inspired by the Bible!

The Byrds: First performed by folk group The Limeliters in 1962.

Leonard Cohen: This Leonard Cohen song from 1969 has a pretty biblical.

Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan was born and raised Jewish.

Metallica: Creeping Death’ can be found on Metallica’s 1984.

Beastie Boys: The famous hip-hop trio from New York City released this track in 1989.

Pink Floyd: This song, which can be found in the band’s 1967.

The Killers: This song was inspired by Caravaggio’s famous painting.

Aerosmith: It’s not hard to figure out what this 1975 song by Aerosmith is about, right.

Bruce Springsteen: This track from Springsteen’s 1978 album ‘Darkness.

U2: U2 are a known Christian group, so perhaps a biblical reference doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Rolling Stones: This song is actually not an original from the Stones.

Rock of Ages: This song can be found on the British rockers’ 1983 album ‘Pyromania.

The Fallen: This song is inspired by the life of Jesus, as described in the Gospels.

The Prophet’s Song: This eight-minute-plus song written by guitarist Brian May can be found on the band.

Iron Maiden: This song by English heavy metal legends Iron Maiden.



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