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15 MedicAlert How a piece of jewelry may save your life!

The MedicAlert Foundation: The MedicAlert Foundation was founded in 1956 in Turlock, California.

Origins of MedicAlert: The non-profit organization was established after teenager Linda Collins Maurer.

Rod of Asclepius: The medical emergency inspired the youngster to approach her father.

Vital information: The other side was inscribed with all the information about her allergies.

Medical ID bracelet: Linda’s parents, realizing there was a need for emergency access to medical.

How does it work: The medical ID can be worn as a distinctive metal bracelet or necklace tag.

Seeking out information: First responders are trained to look for medical ID bracelets and necklaces.

Alerting the professionals: A medical ID can help emergency medial services, doctors, nurses, paramedics.

Keeping informed: When first responders identify a MedicAlert ID, they will turn the ID over or scan the QR code.

Making the call: Medical personnel can then call a hotline for a more detailed rundown.

Emergency response: Armed with this vital data, emergency response teams and healthcare providers.

Who benefits: Those who benefit the most from wearing a medical ID include anybody.

People living with chronic health conditions: Likewise, people living with developmental disabilities or neurological.

Recommended use: A medical ID bracelet, necklace, or shoe tag can be custom engraved with any medical condition.

Case studies: A medical ID can help first responders differentiate the cause of seizure, for example.



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